District Level Officers


Officer Designation Contact No. Email Ids
Commissioner Garhwal Mandal 01368-222564 commissioner.garhwal[at]
Assistant Commissiner Garhwal Mandal 01368-222564 commissioner.garhwal[at]
Disstrict Magistrate Garhwal 01368-222250 dmgarhwal[at]
ADM Garhwal 01368-222250/223135 dmgarhwal[at]
SDM Pauri 01368-222422 sdm.pau[at]
SDM Kotdwar 01382-229761 sdm.kdr[at]
SDM Lansdowne 01386-262221 sdmlansdown1[at]
SDM Thalisain 01348-225722 sdmthalisain[at]
SDM Dhumakot 01348-224812 sdmdhuma[at]
SDM Srinagar 01346-251178 srinagarsdm[at]
SDM Chubattakhal 01386-265370 sdmchau[at]
SDM Satpuli 01386-273685 sdmsatpuli[at]
SDM Yemkeshwar 01382-256304 sdmyem[at]
Disaster Management Office, Pauri 01368-221840 pgrcgarhwal[at]
Tehsildar Pauri 01368-222422 tehsildar.pau[at]
Tehsildar Srinagar 01346-251178 srinagarsdm[at]
Tehsildar Thalisain 01348-225722 tehsildar.thali[at]
Tehsildar Dhumakot 01348-224812 tehsildar.dhu[at]
Tehsildar Kotdwar 01382-222154 tehsilkdr[at]
Tehsildar Lansdowne 01386-262224 tehsildaar.lansdown[at]
Tehsildar Yemkeshwar 01382-256304 sdmyem[at]
Tehsildar Chubattakhal 01386-265370 tehsildar.cho[at]
Tehsildar Satpuli 01386-273685 tehsildar.sat[at]
DIG Police Pauri 01368-222300 peshirange49[at]
Superintendent of Police, Pauri 01368-222254 sppaurigarhwal[at]
Dy SP, Pauri 01368-222254 copauri[at]
Dy SP, Srinagar 01346-252102
Dy SP, Kotdwar 01382-227914
Add. Commissioner RD, Pauri 01368-222295/222994 dcprogramme101[at]
CDO Pauri 01368-222920 cdopauri[at]
Project Director,DRDA, Pauri 01368-222140 pddrdapauri[at]
DDO, Pauri 01368-222970 ddopauri[at]
PE DRDA Pauri 01368-222140 pedrdapauri[at]
Block Development officer Pauri 01368-222543 blockpauri[at]
Block Development officer Kaljikhal 01368-220034 blockkalji[at]
Block Development officer Kot 01368-229006 blockkot[at]
Block Development officer Nanidanda 01348-225526 blocknaini[at]
Block Development officer Ekeshwar 01386-265511 blockekesh[at]
Block Development officer Dwarikhal 01386-276017 blockdwari[at]
Block Development officer Dugadda 01382-251230 blockdugadda[at]
Block Development officer Yemkeshwar 01382-256201 blockyam[at]
Block Development officer Pabo 01368-224018 blockpabo[at]
Block Development officer Khishu 01346-228523 blockkhirsu[at]
Block Development officer Thalisain 01348-225719 blockthalisain[at]
Block Development officer Bironkhal 01348-267687 blockbiro[at]
Block Development officer Pokhra 01386-265626 blockpokhra[at]
Block Development officer Jaiharikhal 01386-262342 blockjaihri[at]
Block Development officer Rikhnikhal 01386-278236 blockrikhani[at]
Chief Engineer PWD Pauri 01368-222510
SE, 12th Circle PWD Pauri 01368-222373 sepwdpauricircle[at]
Executive Engineer, PD, PWD Pauri 01368-222512 eepwdpdpauri[at]
Executive Engineer, CD, PWD Pauri 01368-222284 eepwdcdpauri[at]
Executive Engineer, CD, PWD, Sirnagar 01346-252191 eepwdsrinagar2013[at]
Executive Engineer, PD, PWD Lansdowne 01386-262260 eepwdlansdowne[at]
Executive Engineer, CD, PWD, Baijaro 01348-267116 eepwdbaijaro[at]
Executive Engineer CD PWD Dugadda 01382-251221 eepwddugadda[at]
Executive Engineer PWD ADB Pauri 01368-223011 adbpwdpauri[at]
Executive Engineer CD-2 ADB PWD Dugadda 01382-251415 adb.pwddugadda[at]
Executive Engineer Word Bank PWD Pauri 01368-222412 ee.wb.pwd.pauri[at]
Superintendent Engineer PMGSY Srinagar 01346-251082 sepmgsysrinagar[at]
Executive Engineer PMGSY Irrignation Srinagar 01346-250799 eepmgsysrinagar[at]
Executive Engineer PMGSY Kotdwar 01382-224570 eepmgsykotdwara[at]
Executive Engineer PMGSY Satpuli 01386-229892 eepmgsysatpuli[at]
Executive Engineer PMGSY Satpuli(Baijaro) 01386-273344 eepmgsybaijro[at]
Executive Engineer NH PWD Srinagar 01346-250711 eenhsrinagar[at]
Executive Engineer NH Dhumakot 01368-222319 nhpwddhumakot[at]
Superintendent Engineer RWD Pauri 01368-222704 seres-pau-uk[at]
Executive Engineer RWD Pauri 01368-222282 eerespauri[at]
Executive Engineer RWD Kotdwar 01382-229979 reskotdwara[at]
DGM UPCL Srinagar 01346-252137 dgmsri.upcl[at]
Executive Engineer UPCL Kotdwar 01382-224102 eddkot[at]
Executive Engineer UPCL Pauri (Nodal) 01368-221673 eddpauri[at]
Sub Division Officer UPCL Pauri 01368-222027 eddpauri[at]
Executive Engineer UPCL Srinagar 01346-252115 red.srg[at]
General Manager Jal Sansthan Pauri 01368-221828 gmgar-js-ua[at]
Superintendent Engineer Jal Sansthan Pauri 01368-221828 gmgar-js-ua[at]
Executive Engineer Jal Sansthan Pauri (Nodal) 01368-222015 ujs.eepauri[at]
Executive Engineer Jal Sansthan Kotdwar 01382-222219 ujseekotdwar[at]
Chief Forest Conservator Garhwal Pauri 01368-223243 cfgarhwal555[at]
Forest Conservator Garhwal Circle Pauri 01368-222566 cfgarhwal555[at]
DFO Garhwal Forest Division Pauri 01368-222215 dfo_pauri_uta[at]
AD Secondary Education Garhwal Mandal Pauri 01368-222986 ad.garhwal85[at]
AD Elementary Education Garhwal Mandal Pauri 01368-222393 ad.garhwal85[at]
Chief Education Officer Pauri 01368-221789 deo.pauri.dir[at]
District Education Officer (Secondary) Pauri 01368-221789 deo.pauri.dir[at]
District Education Officer (Elementry) Pauri 01368-223872 deobasicpauri[at]
Chief Agriculture officer Pauri 01368-221964 cao.pauri00[at]
District Holticulture officer Pauri 01368-222524 dhopauri[at]
CTO, Pauri 01368-222396 treas-pau-ua[at]
AD Animal Husbandry Pauri 01368-222480 adahgarhwal[at]
CVO, Pauri 01368-223084 cvopaurigarhwal[at]
EO NPP Pauri 01368-221927 nagarpalikapauri[at]
EO NPP Srinagar 01346-253047 nppsrinagar[at]
EO NPP Kotdwar 01382-222028 eonagarpalika[at]
EO NPP Dugadda 01382-251268 nagarpalikadd[at]
Chief Medical Offier Pauri 01368-222213 cmogarhwal[at]
CMS District Hospital Pauri 01368-222086 cms.pauri.male[at]
Distt. Ayurdevic and Unani Officer, Pauri 01368-221852 dayuopauri[at]
District Homeopathic Office 01368-223827 dhmopauri[at]
Distt. Social Welfare Officer 01368-222375 dswo.pauri08[at]
DPRO, Pauri 01368-223447 dpropauri[at]
DESTO, Pauri 01368-223185 desto.pauri[at]
DD, Statistical Pauri 01368-222362 mandaloffice07[at]
DSO Pauri 01368-222903 dsogarhwal[at]
Distt. Youth Welfare Officer, Pauri 01368-223911 youthwelfare.pauri[at]
Distt. Excise Officer Pauri 01368-223663 excisepauri[at]
DIO, Pauri 01368-222283 districtinformation.pauri[at]
DIO, NIC Pauri 01368-222819 uapau[at]
DPO, Pauri 01368-221452 icdspauri[at]
District Tourism Officer, Pauri 01368-222241 pauritouristoffice[at]
Distt. Soldier Welfare Officer, Pauri 01368-223399 zskpauri[at]
AD (Sports), Pauri 01368-222457 adsportsgarhwal[at]
ADEO, Pauri 01368-222217 dmcumdeopwl[at]
ETC, Pauri 01368-222286 principaletcpauri[at]
ATRO, Pauri 01368-223003 artoapau-trans-uk[at]
ATRTO, Kotdwar 01382-229412 artokot-trans-uk[at]
Employment Officer, Pauri 01368-222226 teopauri[at]
Employment Officer, Lansdowne 01386-262210 reo.lansdown[at]
Employment Officer, Srinagar 01346-252207 ueigbshreenagar[at]
GM, DIC, Kotdwar 01368-222266 gmdic5600[at]
Khadi Gramodyog Officer, Pauri 01368-222281 kvib.pauri[at]
AR (Co-operative), Pauri 01368-222308 arcspauri12[at]
AD (Dairy Development), Pauri 01368-222490 dairyvikas321[at]
GM, BSNL, Srinagar 01346-253700 pa_gmtd[at]